Territoritorial Distribution of the Forest Fund

The Forest Administration of Gheorgheni administrates an area of 23.427 hectares out of which 15.082 hectares make up the forest fund and 8.345 hectares are afforested meadows.

17.877 hectares of the administered area are owned by forest commons and legal persons, 3.365 by territorial administration units, schools, parishes and monasteries, further 2.1875 hectares are owned by natural persons.

Diagrama mareire fond forestier

The above chart shows the distribution of the forest fund by owners, according to which the majority (83%) of the owners is made up of forest commons and legal persons, 15% schools and pariches and 2% natural persons.

Location of the Forest Fund

The forest fund and the meadows administered by the Forest Administration of Gheorgheni are located in Harghita county, on the territorial administrative radius of Ciumani, Joseni, Lăzarea, Remetea, Bilbor and the city of Borsec.
The forest vegetation is made up of several forest stands with natural borders (in majority brooks and summits).


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