Natura 2000 Călimani - Gurghiu site, site of communitary importance, for protecting certain habitats.


The Călimani – Gurghiu site covers the biggest part of the two volcanic massifs – the Călimani Mountains and the Gurghiu Mountains.

Administrative regions

Bistriţa–Năsăud County: Bistriţa Bârgăului (<1%)

Harghita County: Bilbor (4%), Joseni (5%), Praid (2%), Remetea (<1%), Subcetate (<1%), Topliţa (4%)

Mureş County: Brâncoveneşti (<1%), Chiheru de Jos (67%), Deda (38%), Eremitu (21%), Gurghiu (15%), Hodac (<1%), Ibăneşti (72%), Lunca Bradului (99%), Răstoliţa (>99%), Ruşii-Munţi (<1%), Sovata (71%), Stânceni (89%), Vătava (25%)

Suceava County: Dorna Cândrenilor (8%), Panaci (<1%), Poiana Stampei (27%), Şaru Dornei (9%)

Being populated only in the Mureş Defile , the area was not altered in a significant manner by human activity and the natural diversity of habitats and species was preserved. In this region we find one of the most important populations and genetic centres for carnivores in the Carpathians: brown bear (Ursus arctos) – over 400 specimens, wolf (Canis lupus) – 100-120 specimens and lynx (Lynx lynx) – 70-80 specimens –, and an important concentration of species of flora and fauna protected by the national law and the EU directives. The percentage of the habitats of European interest goes beyond 95%. According to the Manual of habitats there are 13 habitats, (4 of which are of a special importance according to the Habitat Directive), 18 species of birds, 9 species of mammals, 2 species of reptiles, 5 species of fish, 6 species of invertebrates and 8 species of plants  are of communitarian interest, Habitats Directive

Habitat categories (percentage) – semi natural wet grazings, mesophyll prairies (5%), alpine and subalpine grazings (3%), deciduous forests (16%), coniferous forests (34%), mixed forests (39%), interior cliffs, areas with fallen cliff parts.

At the end of the retrocession process of the lands to their former owners – 25% shall be state property, 75% private property. The existing laws state that forests shall be managed in silvicultural regime regardless of their owner.

Management plan: it is being worked on management plans for the Călimani National Park, for the Mureş Defile Nature Park and for other 5 protected areas within the site. All forests shall be managed according to forest plannings, even if certain forests do not respect the legislation in force.



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