Natura 2000 site Depression and Mountains of Giurgeu, site for protection of birds

Surface of the site: 58.176.6 ha

Administrative regions: Harghita county 76.1%, Mureş county 23.9%

The site includes the whole Depression of Giurgeu and a part of the surrounding spruce forests, at the base of the mountain. The depression has various types of typical habitats on the Mureş river everglade.  Most of the terrains are used as grazings, hayfields and also as agricultural cultures.

The site contains the natural protected areas Nyires Piemont from Borzont, The Big Everglade Remetea, The Everglade in Voşlobeni after the Meadow, all of these protected through Decision of the Harghita County Council no. 162/2005 and through Law no.5/2000.

The lands within the site are almost entirely private property.

Species of birds enumerated in Annex I of the Council’s Directive 79/409/CEE

  • A031 Ciconia ciconia  – European white stork
  • A072 Pernis apivorus --  Honey Buzzard
  • A122 Crex crex – Corn crake
  • A089 Aquila pomarina – Lesser Spotted Eagle
  • A091 Aquila chrysaetos – Golden Eagle
  • A223 Aegolius funereus – Boreal Owl
  • A217 Glaucidium passerinum  -- Eurasian Pygmy Owl
  • A241 Picoides tridactylus – Three-toed Woodpecker
  • A338 Lanius collurio  -- Red-backed shrike
  • A246 Lullula arborea -- Woodlark
  • A081 Circus aeruginosus – Western Marsh Harrier
  • A082 Circus cyaneus – Northern Harrier
  • A104 Bonasa bonasia – Hazel Grouse
  • A215 Bubo bubo – Eurasian Eagle- owl
  • A220 Strix uralensis – Ural owl
  • A222 Asio flammeus  -- Short-eared Owl
  • A224 Caprimulgus europaeus – European Nightjar
  • A239 Dendrocopos leucotos – White-backed Woodpecker
  • A236 Dryocopus martius – Black Woodpecker
  • A321 Ficedula albicollis – Collared Flycatcher
  • A320 Ficedula parva – Red-breasted Flycatcher
  • A103 Falco peregrinus – Peregrine Falcon
  • A108 Tetrao urogallus – Western Capercaillie (Wood Grouse)

Management plan of the site:

There is no management plan for the site yet, only protection measures set by the Administation, approved by Scientific Council of the Nature Park.



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