The seedling nursery

 The genetic material for afforestation activities is provided (40%) by the seedling nursery run by the Forest Administration of Gheorgheni and located in the village of Borzont.

The seedling nursery in Borzont has a surface of 1.6 Ha established for the cultivation of planting material.

In order to increase the percentage of annual cover requirement of the seedlings fit for plantation, in 2010 200 spruce seedlings and 50 thousand larch seedlings were transplanted on a surface of 128 ares.

Additionally three greenhouses were set up on a surface of 126 square meter where spruce and larch seedlings were seeded due to be transplanted the following spring, becoming seedlings fit for plantation in one to three years time.


The seedlings ready for plantation are transported to the plantation sites and until plantation they are stored in specially arranged depositories, so called ‘ice stores’.


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